Regular Members

  • New registered members will receive 1000 points
  • Points can be used at any time and never expire
  •  For each $10 assign 1 point
  • 100 point = $1 discount
  • Points are non-transferable

Commission Membership

Who can apply for commission membership?

  • You are an individual installation company
  • You will buy our products on a daily or weekly basis
  • You are interested in our products and are happy to recommend them to those around you

How to apply for commission membership?

  • Contact us by
  • You need to provide your registered username or email address
  • When we receive the email, we will send you a link of your own
  • Once you receive the link, you can share it with your friends, and as long as they log in to buy through the link you shared, you can get a 3% commission
  • After the setup is successful, you will see the “Affiliate Dashboard” page added to my account
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