SPC Vinyl Warranty

We recommend that all floor coverings be professionally installed for a valid warranty.
  • “Wear” must be through the wear layer to the degree that the printed pattern is affected or altered.
  • “Fade” must be to the degree that the floor is permanently discolored
  • “Stain” must be from normal household cleaning agents, chemicals or routine care & maintenance.
Please take notice that none of the following kinds of problems arising from defects in material or workmanship and are therefore not covered by this Product Warranty.
  • Defects arising from poor installation (this includes – damage arising from sub-floor irregularities, for example excessive unevenness, loose nails or other protrusions; visual surface defects caused by previous floor coverings that should have been removed or covered, for example ceramic or bitumastic tiles, floor-boards, cushioned vinyl, or by failure in the underlayment; seams ‘peaking’ or opening due to use of incorrect adhesive or seaming method; edge-to-edge shade variation; discoloration arising from installation next to a source of excessive heat; and visible trowel marks.
  • Dissatisfaction due to improper maintenance.
  • Problems arising from excessive moisture, alkali or hydrostatic pressure in substrate.
  • Problems arising from cuts, tears, gouges, burns or other damage caused by stiletto or sharp high heels (these will damage even concrete!), sharp or hot objectors dropped on the floor, dragged appliances, unprotected furniture feet, damage from pets etc.
  • Warranty coverage does not apply to inclinations with heavy wheeled vehicle traffic, rolling office chairs, certain footwear such as roller skates, high heels or cleats that may permanently indent or damage the flooring. DO NOT use ball type castors as they can damage the floor. Furniture with castors or wheels must be easy swiveling, large surface non-staining and suitable for resilient floors. Chair mats must be used to protect floors from rolling chairs.
  • Damage caused by chemically reactive material, carpet crocking, dye, mold, stains, burns, gouges, scratches, indentations, floods, accidents, abuse or any harsh scouring pads while buffing.
  • Minor differences in color and or texture between the actual material or photographic images of the material and the actual flooring purchased.
  • Construction or installation-related damage.
  • Surface scratches, changes in shading, texture and/or gloss during use.
  • Damage caused by inappropriate end-user activities.
  • Installation of products with adhesives other than those recommended by us.
  • Products may have slight color variations not detected at the factory. All products must be dry laid and examined under standard lighting conditions for color acceptance.

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